Products - Tempered Glass


Tempered or toughened glass is an extremely strong glass which has been thermally heat treated to induce compressive stresses of 11000 to 20000 psi on the surface and edge compression of not less than 9700 psi.tempered glass cannot be cut or altered and all cutting, edge grinding and holes etc., are made before tempering. Toughglass has 4 glass tempering plants of various sizes, capabilities and features to be able to temper a large range of thicknesses and sizes suitable for various applications and Low-E glasses. We have the capacity to temper 3 mtrs.X 5 mtrs. jumbo size glasses as per requirements.


Can withstand tempered differentials up to 250 oC. Will break into small, relatively harmless fragments. This substantially reduces the likelihood of injury to people as there are no jagged edges or sharp corners. Do not change due to tempering and remain the same as in unprocessed glass unless laminated or double glazed

  • Curtain walls and structural glazing
  • bolted structural glazing, doors and partitions
  • furniture, shower installations, automobiles and railways
  • kitchen appliances, lighting fixtures
  • ships and boats, fire knockout windows, etc.