Products - Bend Tempered Glass


ToughGlass V Tuff Bend & Curved Glass uses this toughening technique though a horizontal tempering furnace while bending the glass to specific shapes. It is one of the few curved toughening furnaces and it is the only one with a tight radius capabilities, it provides a wide range of applications in architectural, commercial and residential installations. The capabilities range from cylindrical single curves to complex non cylindrical with tight radius curves and tangents. Toughglass India Pvt Ltd., got the largest size of bending machine in India.


Bend or curved glass is a great alternative to the conservative rectangular design of buildings as it is available in a wide range of sizes, allowing the creation of unique and unconventional shapes. Bend glass enhances aesthetics of architectural structures.


Shower enclosures, antique cabinets, display cases, conservatories, windows, shops fronts, revolving doors, aquariums, partitions, balustrades, spiral staircases, barrel vaults, overhead canopies, reception desks, segmented roof lights etc.

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